PMA (Foreign Owned Investment Company)

This Indonesian company formation can be registered in the name of a non Indonesian citizen and offers the foreign national direct ownership and director title . You will own the company and the company is able to own property. The company is able to provide KITAS and working permits for directors and employees.

The requirements and documents:

  1. 1.    Name of company minimum 2 names
  2. 2.    Company’s main business description
  3. 3.    Location of the company
  4. 4.    Foreigner’s overseas address
  5. 5.    Copy of the foreigner’s passport minimum 2 persons
  6. 6.    Share holder agreement between the director and the commissioner

The required permits and documents we arrange for you:

  1. 1.    Approval by the Minister of Justice
  2. 2.    Company Deed (Akte)
  3. 3.    Company Domicle (SKTU)
  4. 4.    Company tax number (NPWP)
  5. 5.    Company Business Registration paper (SITU)
  6. 6.    HO (Ijin Gangguan)
  7. 7.    Operational Licence
  8. 8.    Company Licence (TDP)
  9. 9.    Environmental Management Certificate (UKL / UPL
  10. 10.    Investment Report to Bali Investment Coordinating Board BKPMD (LKPM)

The above permits are not inclusive of the building permit (IMB). Established Company Permit or ITUP can only be processed after the company has been operating for a minimum of 1 year.
Fee:  Depending on the location and the type of business the cost of the PMA will vary. These fees are usually negotiable. Please contact us regarding pricing