Australian Resident Return Visa Subclass 155

If you leave Australia after your travel validity expires, or it expires when you are outside Australia, you will not be able to return to Australia as a permanent resident. This visa allows you to return as a permanent resident.


  1. A current valid passport and any previous passports held (otherwise, please include a copy  of your passport and your permanent resident visa)
  2. If you are applying as a family unit member of someone who is an RRV holder, or someone who is an Australian citizen, provide:
  3. Certified copy of their RRV or Australian identity
  4. Document which show of relationship (marriage or birth certificate)
  5. If you are claiming a married or partner relationship to this person, a few documents as current evidence of that relationship (Bank Statements with join names, joint ownership of asset, etc)
  6. If your previous passport (containing your resident visa) was stolen or lost, a Police report from the local police station

If you have spent less than a sum total of 2 years in Australia in the last 5 years

In addition to the checklist above, you must also demonstrate evidence of your substantial business, personal, employment and / or cultural ties to Australia which are also of benefit to Australia.

Fee:  Please to contact our office