CV and PT Company – Firm and Limited Partnership (CV) Limited Liability Company (PT)

The establishment and formation of limited liability companies PT or CV Company (no shares involved), can only be Indonesian citizens who own the shares and has responsibility of the company and requires a minimum of two Indonesian citizens to act as shareholder or Partnership Company. Licenses of the company will be based on the business purpose.

Documents we require to process CV :

  1. Copy identity card / KTP for director
  2. Copy identity card / KTP for comissioner
  3. Copy building permit (IMB in accordance with business purpose)
  4. Copy of lease agreement (if leasing).

Documents we will supply :

  1. Akte CV – company  act
  2. SKTU – company domicile
  3. NPWP – company tax number
  4. SITU / HO – permit for place
  5. SIUP – operational license
  6. TDP – company registration

Fee:    for CV Please contact us regarding pricing
for PT Local Please contact us regarding pricing

Fee does not include IMB, changing, or adding a function of an IMB. Also does not cover costs of local authorities.